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The Chasers was formed with passion, purpose, and persistence to guide individuals up and out towards success. Connecting Humanity Towards Success (CHTS) is not an easy task, goal, or mission. To spark change and bring change amongst our people, as the people, we have to unite as one. The youth are the future and those who come before them are the guiding light towards that future. To ensure that Individuals future are bright and not filled with poverty, depression, lack of a vision, funding for college and or lack of knowledge to excel collegiately. 


The Chasers is dedicated to developing and empowering driven bodies to

succeed academically, athletically and in business on every level from

youth to professional; while gaining the essential life skills needed to

remain resilient throughout life’s hardships.

"Continue The Chase."


We offer the following products: clothing of all fashions from athletic apparel,

street wear to business casual. We service our customers needs that would assist

them in developing a healthy lifestyle through fitness, wellness, leadership and marketing.


The Chasers was created to inspire and empower the youth to form a vision and chase diligently towards their desired goal while sparking change amongst others. Driven bodies strive to succeed athletically and professionally are given the tools to understand that their vision is obtainable.





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