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Training With The Chasers

This program is not primarily based on weight lifting, pushing large amounts of iron. By Continuing The Chase you are on the road to being in the best shape of your life while staying toned and lean maintaining control of your overall body. The Chasers training style focus is dedicated to overcoming the pains of life: mental health, physical injuries, developing confidence, increasing self esteem, increasing overall appearance, and attracting more positive like minded people. 


Each training style and category has a beginning, intermediate, and advance level.


The primary focus is to repair yourself inwardly and outwardly in hopes you will unleash your inner king/ queen of your world into reality. Sacrificing everything inside, you will repair, build, and develop muscular endurance. 

Workouts will include physical exercises as well as mental and recovery exercises. It is very important that we focus on not only the body, but the mind and spirit, thus increasing ones overall will power. All three areas must be equal and in complete sequence. 


Consistent Results 



" I AM The Chasers"

1 on 1 Training 


The Chasers One on One training is offered to individuals who demand to be better than average. We focus solely on helping you reach your specific goals, creating a training plan specifically for your individual needs. We are here to guide and assist you on the journey to your new self.

The Chasers Unite

Group Training 

The Chasers  offers a variety of group sessions, catering specifically to the type of community the general class make up. "We receive motivation from one another." Being apart of a diverse community among other Chasers will enhance your overall fitness goals as well as performance. Classes are fun and interactive as we all look to transform our overall lifestyle as one body.

*HIIT Training 

*Partner Exercises


*Cross Fit Style Training 


Written Exercise Plans

Customized For You




Select your current fitness level along with your desired amount of days to exercise per week and begin the chase! 


Includes 1 day, 3 Day, or 5 Day plan with instructional  assistance along with motivation and accountability. 

Video Call Sessions

"Don't like going to the gym? Don't feel comfortable working out in front of crowds or people? The Chasers offers video call sessions that you can be pushed in the comfort of your place of choice. 


There is a huge issue that there are thousands of students that are going off to college on scholarship every  year and numerous fail to graduate due to vision and assistance typically.

Here To Help

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