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Brandon Tinsley (Born July 15, 1994), born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.
BrandonTinsley is the founder, president of The Chasers, Martin Luther
King Graduate and Wayne State University alumni. Throughout his life he
was driven, having the mindset to strive to play athletics collegiately and
professionally in which he was a 3 sport varsity athlete just as a freshman
in high school. Participating and excelling in track and field, basketball, and
football. It was not until the end of his junior year of high school where he
realized that to make his dreams come to fruition he had to make a drastic
change. Focusing all his energy solely on football giving up basketball as
well as track and field. He gathered all his highlight film and spoke with the
football coaches at Martin Luther King high school who said they had a
spot on the team for him. Tinsley, who attended Redford Union high school
from 2008 to 2010 made the decision to transfer mid-junior year while
playing varsity basketball to take his talents to a school who had a rich
football tradition. At that moment, he left his whole foundation and
everything he ever worked for behind, closing the door to: life long
relationships, credits earned, accolades, and comfortability.


Making the decision to attend a school that was ranked 15th in the state for football at the time, leaving a school who was far from making the ranking took a large soul. Tinsley finished the season as one of the leading
wide receiver in the state of Michigan. Helping King high school win the districts and regional championships coming one game short of a state championship competitor. He received a scholarship for academics and athletics to Wayne State University in Detroit. During his tenure at Wayne State University, he earned his bachelor of science in Business administration with a minor in Marketing & Advertising. During that time, he spent countless hours attending classes and practices while being active at 
 the university as the president of his student organization, which taught him discipline and perseverance which has developed him socially into the man he is today. Tinsley always had endeavors to form a business watching his parents work diligently day in a day out and he knew that he wanted to form something of his own.

After playing football collegiately for a total of 4 years during his tenure, Tinsley was stripped of his athletic scholarship in which he had to finish the remainder of the year as are regular student his senior year. He then turned his pain into passion forming The Chasers brand.


Tinsley wanted to quit and be a college drop out, due to experiencing how it felt to lose everything he worked for his whole life to obtain, but quitting was not an option. He knew the pain he endured: battling depression, anxiety, and identity crisis, almost losing his life multiple times. He knew that therewould be someone else following his legacy who could possibly face the same exact challenges he experienced. The thought of someone else going through the dark experiences, in which he endured made him form a covenant to his self to dedicate his life to The Chasers where he would inspire and empower people to spark change and build resilience while forming a vision for the youth.

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